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Tips That Experienced Hunters Will Tell You

Tips That Experienced Hunters Will Tell You

Knowing What You Need

The last thing anybody wants is to be out in the bush and not be properly prepared for any given circumstance. Before you decide to go on your next (or first) hunting trip, there are a couple of things that you should take into consideration. Below, we have listed some helpful tips every hunter should follow in order to be ready for whatever happens in the wild.

Keep in mind, this is a broad list of items or outdoor supplies. You may need specific tools or accessories for whatever it is you are hunting, so be sure to take that into consideration as well.

Hunting License

This should be a no brainer, yet you would be amazed how many first time hunters don’t take this seriously. Having an updated hunting license is a must, and keeping it protected is just as important. Be sure to put your license in a protective case or plastic bag to keep it from being damaged. A game warden who catches you with a wet hunting license won’t take you off the hook (it’s illegal), so be absolutely certain that you are ready if and when the moment arrives.

Baby Wipes

If you are a first time hunter this may not seem important, but experienced hunters know better. Whether you need to wipe yourself after using the restroom, get mud off your hands before eating, or wipe any blood off after you’ve field dressed an animal, baby wipes are used for a variety of reasons while hunting. Sanitation is always important, so be sure to bring some baby wipes with you.

Survival Blanket

Survival blankets weigh little to nothing and they barely take up any space in your hunting pack. If you end up having to track an animal late into the night, you’ll be thankful to have this with you once you’ve set up camp. It doesn’t matter what type of game you are hunting, having a blanket is always a safe idea.

Lighter and Fire Starter

Even if you think you won’t be starting a fire, you never what kind of situation will come up on you. If you get stranded and need to start a fire to signal a rescue, have to burn a cut so it won’t get infected, want to burn a paracord to seal a knot, or need it for a campfire to stay warm, there are plenty of reasons to keep a fire starter on hand at all times.

Game Call

Once you’ve put all your things in your bag, put the game call in last. You want to be able to access it as quickly as possible, in case your hiking and see a potential buck or bull in the distance.

Keep these helpful tips in mind in addition to your regular gear (boots, jacket, raincoat, etc) and you will be ready for whatever the wilderness throws your way. Take ethical shots, stay alert, pack lightly, and double check everything before you head out.