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Finding that Goldilocks Microwave


Are you a first-time microwave buyer? In the market for an upgrade? Maybe you’re looking to gift one. Whatever your reason, shopping for a microwave is more than just finding something that looks good. There are different microwave types for different situations, with a variety of features and sizes, as seen on Reviewho. So, what’s the right Goldilocks size for you?

The most common microwave is the countertop microwave. They come in small, medium, and large sizes. These must never be used above a stove range. Small is often used for dorms and apartments. They’re the cheapest of options (around $60 to $300) with the smallest internal space for cooking and the least powerful in wattage. Smalls range from 10-14″ wide, 15-19″ high, and 10-14″ deep. The most common measurement to look out for is the internal cooking space, measured in cubic feet. Small microwaves range from around 0.5 to 0.9 cubic feet. The average power of a small microwave is 100-1000 watts. These may also have the most basic of functions or features.

Medium countertop microwaves are great for most households or apartments of 3 to 5 members as they are usually large enough to cook food for multiple people. These can cost around $60 to $800 and range around 12-15″ high, 20-24″ wide, and 12-17″ deep with a cubic feet range of 1.1 to 1.6. The average power ranges around 900-1300 watts. These microwaves will accommodate most dinner plate sizes and small casserole dishes.

Large countertop microwaves will be more expensive ($150 to $300) but are ideal for larger families that like using large dishware or want to defrost whole birds up to a small turkey. Sizes will range at 15-18″ high, 26-30″ wide, 15-20″ deep, with 1.7-2.2 cubic feet and runs at 1,000-1,400 watts. These are the fastest cooking countertop microwaves with the most space.

Other options used in households are over the oven range and built-in types. Over the range, microwaves have dimensions roughly near the upper dimensions of a medium countertop, to a large countertop size and run near 1,000-1,200 watts. Cost ranges between $200 to $1,200 and that excludes the cost of a professional’s installation. Built-in microwaves vary between medium and large countertop sizes and power but must be installed by a professional as well, adding to the average cost of $700 to $1,000 for the microwave alone. This type will also have fewer features such as lack of a turntable. Both are great for space-saving options.

Lastly, commercial microwaves are best for restaurants, cafes, and professional food services. They average the height and width of a medium countertop with the depth of a large countertop. These are the quickest to cook and most powerful of up to 3,000 watts and run $500-$3,000 or more.

Always make a checklist of your needs before choosing.


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Guidelines for Driving in Australia With a Chinese Driver’s License

Australia has a natural appealing beauty and cultural landscapes that attract individuals from different parts of the world. Besides, the transport system established in Australia, especially the road networks, is highly advanced compared to that in China. In mentionable cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, there are numerous attractive scenarios based on central business districts being reached via public transport.


Do you know it is elementary to rent a car in Australia with a Chinese license? Simple! You are only required to submit your original Chinese drivers’ license together with a copy of the translation from 驾照翻译 and a credit card. The above-mentioned items are explicitly needed when renting a car in Australia, and you have a Chinese resident.


What about driving in Australia with a Chinese license? Don’t worry! Read more in this article. Every country worldwide has its rules and regulations governing driving while having an overseas driver’s license. However, you are expected to have a driver’s license translation. How is the driver’s license translation done?


If you have a dream of driving in Australia or any other state globally, it is critical to carry your driver’s license while it is written in your native language. International translation of your driver’s license will help you enjoy free-driving. Note that the laws running driving licenses differ from one state to the other. In Australia, the respective traffic department is strictly on the watch over the laws.


You must have an international driving license for you to drive along the roads in Australia. The Australian government requires you to translate your driving license from the Chinese language into English from a NAATI approved translator. It is vital to note that you should contact the Australian translation service when you want to translate your driving license from any other state.


This will enable the NAATI translators to ensure that the license is translated from the native language to English. Regardless of the part of the world where you originate, and you want to drive in Australia, your driver’s license should be translated into English. Carrying your driver’s license from China in a native language, you clearly require language translation services.


Why is it crucial to translate your driver’s license in Australia? The safety authority in Australia only adheres to the approved driving license translation authorized by the NAATI translators and the community relations commissions. Also, if you have a Chinese driving license and intend to rent a car in Australia, The NAATI certified driving license translations offered in English become an additional security guarantee. Note that the translation document also acts as a security assurance.

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3 Ways You Might Enjoy Having a Clementine Tree in Your Garden

Your garden can be used to produce all types of produce, and you can take what you harvest from your garden and use that in a number of ways.

It can be fun to grow a good mix of fruits and vegetables in your garden so that you are always harvesting something new and special.

If you have been given the chance to put a clementine tree in your garden, you need to know the different ways that such a tree could be beneficial to you. You will love having the chance to take fresh fruit from the tree, use it yourself, and share it with all those you care about.


You Can Eat the Fruit of a Clementine Tree Plain

If you enjoy citrus fruits, you will love having the chance to go out to your garden and pick fruit off of your own clementine tree. You will enjoy getting fruit from the tree when it is ripe, peeling it, and eating it right in your yard. You will be able to harvest the fruit as you want it, taking it from the tree when you are looking for a quick snack or when you are looking to fill your fruit bowl.


You Can Use a Clementine Tree to Make Juices and Desserts

If you and your family go through a lot of juice, you will be happy to have the chance to make your own juice with fresh fruit from your clementine tree. You will be able to make juice from the fruit of this tree, and that juice will taste better than what you would otherwise purchase in the store. You can also use the fruit from this type of a tree to work on fruit tarts and other fruit desserts. The peels from the fruit can be used in desserts just as the fruit can, and you will find a number of different recipes that you can try out when you have fresh clementines around.


Consider Investing in a Clementine Tree for Your Garden

There are different ways that people like you make use of fruit from a clementine tree. You will enjoy surprising friends and family with fresh fruit from this type of a tree if you choose to have one added to your garden, and you will find that it is nice to grow some of your own fruit and make some of your own juice. You can save money by having a fruit tree in your garden, and you can use such a tree to introduce your family to what actual fresh fruit tastes like when it is perfectly ripened right on a tree.

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Tips and Tricks to Keep Things Interesting in the Bedroom

Let’s be honest, we all get bored pretty easily when we go through the same routines over and over, and this includes our favorite bedroom activities. Think of it as food, it can easily grow stale and bland without a little heat and spice every once in a while. Keeping that in mind, here are some tips and tricks to keep everything a little more interesting in the bedroom.


Make Small Changes

It seems like too simple a trick to be that effective, but if there is one thing to learn in bedroom play, this is it. Simple changes are key to keeping life in the bedroom, and keeping your partner on their toes. It’s an easy way to keep things electric. A few ideas are changing up the time and duration of your romantic time together. Whether it be a quick little wrestle in the middle of the day, or a long passionate night of intimacy, this is surefire way to spice up your day. While you’re at it, a change of location changes everything about the game, even if it’s just moving from the bed to the floor. Changing up the angles is great too. (Quick tip: if holding different angles and positions is uncomfortable for you, try using pillows to help support the body in these new and exciting shapes, just to help relieve some of that pressure). A surefire way to establish changing everything up a little is to throw in a ban period. Forbid the stale and old routines for a short period of time, to guarantee that both partners have to find some new ways to peak each others interest. In fact, just the fact that it’s forbidden can electrify your old ways.


Make It All A Game

Who doesn’t love a game every now and then? And what better game than one that can burn a few calories with a little steam? Every trick in the book for bed can be turned into a game. Whether it’s making a friendly bet with each other that reaps a sensual reward for the winner, or finding little rules to make undressing each other a little more exciting, there are an unimaginable amount of games that you can create. They can be small, quick games to simply get you to the deed, or a game that lasts the whole night long. This can also be a great way to try each other’s fantasies or the “maybe” activities and toys like 성인용품 you have talked about.

If there is any crucial lesson to this article, it’s being open to exploring your partner and the little ways that you get down to business in the bedroom. Whether in simple and small, or extreme and large ways, nothing is more exciting than a little change.

You can also check out some awesome videos on youtube to get a few more sexy tips, for instance:

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Backpacking Adventures

Backpacking is an outdoor recreation wherein you’ll carry your gears on your back while hiking for two or more days. It’s an immersive experience that would surely make you appreciate the natural world even more.

backpack-1149544_640Note that carrying essential things on the back may be physically challenging, thus it’s important for you to be physically and mentally fit.

If you think you’re ready to try backpacking with your friends, make sure to follow these important reminders:

Always make sure to hire or bring along with you an experienced partner.

Having an experienced backpacker, who can guide you on a one or two-night trip, will really help in terms of choosing the right paths and gears. He can likewise share his own expertise and recommend tips or best practices.

If you have the time, you may likewise sign up for a backpacking class. Still, a seasoned backpacker will always be a smart choice for any beginner.

If you’re still new to backpacking, choose an easy route to begin with.

Note that the place where you’ll go backpacking will depend on a few things such as:

Two or more days should be good enough to make your first outing memorable.

Plan the number of hours or miles that you’re comfortable of hiking in a day. Note that you’ll be wearing or carrying a heavier-than-usual pack. An average beginner can walk a range of three to eight miles daily. If you’re planning to walk with some kids, a shorter route should be considered.

Fitness level
Make sure to consider your physical shape. You should have trained and have kept yourself fit to walk longer distances while carrying your gears and essentials.

Weather and time of the year
Assess the climate and temperature of the place where you’re planning to go to. Note that dusk falls early in autumn, thus you should plan a route where you can avoid hiking in the dark. Moreover, check the weather forecast all the time to avoid storms.

Prepare your gear

Make sure all of you are on the same page on the things that you need to carry. Double check your gears before you leave home to ensure you’re not missing anything. Expert backpackers often keep with them a checklist that includes a tent, stove, water treatment, kitchen supplies, clothing, footwear, backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and food.