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Business Cards: Reasons Why You Should Have Them Professionally Made

Business Cards: Reasons Why You Should Have Them Professionally Made

Business cards have been used since the 17th century, and possibly even before that in one form or another. Today, business cards are like portable advertisements for yourself and your company. It tells people that you are serious about your business and that you want to provide them with all the pertinent information to contact you. We will discuss a few reasons why you should consider having your business card made professionally.


One of the first things that clients see when giving them a business card is the layout. Do you want your business card to be printed on both sides? Do you want your company logo on both sides of the business card? Maybe you’re thinking to put your name right in the center on one side of the business card, and in the other, the company logo. There are many things to consider when it comes to layout. One thing to keep in mind is “less is more”. You don’t want to bombard your client with unnecessary information. Having your business card professionally (quick plug for Business Cards Vancouver) made will ensure you will get the right layout for your business card.

Colors and Graphics

Colors can be used to grab a client’s attention. Depending on the type of business you are in, certain colors should be incorporated into the business card that reflects your business. Graphics are another thing to consider when having your business card made. Consider using symbols in place of words like “telephone number” or “email”. Sometimes simple graphics such as these can let the client know that you’re up-to-date with modern society. Professional business card makers will be able to make suggestions on color. They will also be able to fit your chosen graphics on the business card, accordingly.

Weight and Texture

Now that you have your layout and design of your business card settled, the next thing to tackle is the weight of your business card. Having your business card made by professionals will give you access to their knowledge and experience when it comes to creating business cards. Perhaps you wanted to venture outside the normal business card weight, professional business card makers can offer you suggestions on the different types of paper your business card can be printed on. The texture of the card is also another reason why you should consider hiring professionals to make your business card. They will have access to certain types of textured paper that can make your business card truly unique.