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An inflatable water slide in your back yard will give you hours of fun


An inflatable water slide in your back yard will give you hours of fun

If you have exhausted every option in your area for things to do with your kids this summer, it may be time to look a bit closer to home. After all, if you can spend just a few hundred dollars and keep your children entertained for the rest of the summer, why would you not?

Buying an inflatable water slide, for instance the banzai water slide, for your back yard is one of the things you can do that will achieve all these goals. If you order one on the Internet, you could have it inflated and ready to use in just a couple of days.

What is an inflatable water slide and how do you inflate it? — Just as it sounds, an inflatable water slide is a slide that you blow up with a leaf blower or with the included blower.

Most come with an attached pool so, when your kids slide down it, they slide into a shallow pool full of water. This serves to keep them cool while allowing them to have a lot of fun.

Which size of water slide should you buy? — These water slides come in a variety of sizes, so you will need to order the one that works the best for your back yard.

Measure the area you have available as well as the height if the slide and attached pool will be installed under trees just to make sure it will fit. Then read the instructions carefully so that you know that the pool size you are interested in will fit in the available area.

Once you have matched the two measurements, you can then go ahead and order your pool.

Installation is easy — Once the inflatable water slide arrives, you will see how easy it is to install.

In most cases, it will take just five to ten minutes to inflate with a leaf blower or with the included blower. Then all you have to do is to fill the pool with water, make sure the water is also running down the slide and then the inflatable water slide and the pool are ready to use.

Your kids will love it — Buying an inflatable water slide is one of the best things you can do for your kids this summer.

Not only will it keep them cool on a very hot summer day, it will give them a lot of exercise as well as allow them to have a lot of fun.

Just be sure to keep the pool and the slide topped up with water so that the sun does not dry it out or it will get too hot to use. But even your dog will love the option to cool off:

Storage for next year — Once the hot weather is over, you can also dry out the slide and the pool, fold it and then store it until you want to use it again next year.

Most inflatable water slides will last three to five years before they need to be repaired. That means, even if you pay a few hundred dollars for it, when you consider the many hours of fun you and your family can have, it is a very good investment.