Home Sports Bbcor End Loaded Bats Send Balls Faster and Further

Bbcor End Loaded Bats Send Balls Faster and Further

Bbcor End Loaded Bats Send Balls Faster and Further

Bbcor bats end loaded are made differently than other baseball bats and are popular because they can send the baseball a greater distance. This is key, in gaining bases without risking getting an out. The Bbcor baseball bat is a popular choice for both professional players and beginners.

What is an End Loaded Bat?

The end loaded by is top heavy, since there is a portion of weight toward the end of the barrel near the end cap. This causes the baseball bat to feel top heavy and places more weight in the hitting zone. The result is the person using this kind of baseball bat is able to use the momentum and weight to hit the ball further since it gains more speed due to the distribution of the weight.

Why is this Baseball Bat Named BBCOR?

The name BBCOR stands for Batted Coefficient of Restitution. The BBCOR standard requires the bat to go through a series of tests. Then bat is regulated or scored by the amount of energy lost when the bat makes contact with the baseball. The maximum value used in this scoring is a BBCOR bat at 0.50 a number determined by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

One of the reasons this standard was created is for safety, due to the speed the ball leaves the bat and the increased risk to the pitchers or other players. The other reason is also related to safety. But is used for composite barrel bats that will go through an Accelerated Break In (ABI) testing to ensure it will meet the BBCOR standard.

Who Should Use an End Loaded BBCOR Bat?

This is a type of baseball bat that professionals might use and it is also one that newer players may use. It is often used by players that are physically strong because they can be a little difficult to control. But even a new baseball player can use this kind of bat and be successful in sending the ball faster and further due to the way it is made. The reason it may be the choice of stronger players is because they can generate more momentum with their swing speed.

Not All Bats are the Same

The type of bat even when it is an end loaded bat will depend on the type of baseball league the person is playing. There are basically four types of bats made using different materials.

  • Hybrid Bats: This bat is a combination of aluminum and composite that uses aluminum in the handle and spine. The barrel though is made using plastic, titanium, and graphite that are molded into a composite material.
  • Composite Bat: This is a bat that is made of composite materials and is lighter since it is made from a combination of graphite and plastic. In some cases, titanium will be a part of the composite materials.
  • Aluminum Bat: This type of bat is lighter than some other types. Players using this kind of bat can hit the ball sending it off at a high speed. Though this is a bat that is more commonly used by high school and college leagues.
  • Wood Bats: This is a kind of bat that is the first invented and used in major and minor leagues. Each league has their own standards for wood bats and the wood they are made from.


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