Home Food Using a herb grinder instead of your hands to grind your herbs

Using a herb grinder instead of your hands to grind your herbs

Using a herb grinder instead of your hands to grind your herbs

Home chefs often can fully appreciate the tedious nature associated with creating many dishes. Finding ways to reduce the time spent on preparing various dishes can save you time and money when cooking. Here is one often overlooked way of improving the taste of dishes prepared and saving time and money quickly.

The Benefits of Herbs

Herbs are ingredients that augment the flavor of different food items. They are generally healthy additions to foods that can make the flavor richer, spicier, sweeter, or savorier, depending on the nature of the herb. There are a wide range of different herbs that are used in the kitchen for a wide range of dishes. Fresh herbs are easily grown in gardens or in indoor pots and can provide a quick spruce for many different issues. Dry and frozen herbs will lose some of the potency and health associated with fresh herbs but are a convenient option for many cooks and useful in the cooler months where it may be impossible to grow herbs outdoors or in sufficient quantities to meet your culinary needs.

Preparing Herbs for Cooking

Herbs will need to be prepared for cooking, depending on the nature of the herb. Most herbs need to be ripped or torn in order to reduce their full flavor, although there are some exceptions like bay leaves that are not commonly torn. Some herbs have stems that are not palatable and need to be removed as well, while others, like cilantro, that add flavor to the overall dish. It is important for home chefs to understand their herbs before cooking with them. This is true not only for the preparation of herbs, but also in the potency of them. Some herbs like sage need to be used in marginal quantities or they may overwhelm the overall flavor of the food.

Saving Time with an Herb Grinder

An herb grinder can be used to prepare herbs by grinding them up and managing them into smaller pieces. You can add fresh or dried herbs to an herb grinder, though it is easier to use with dried herbs. You simply twist or press the herb grinder, depending on the design of the herb grinder that you are used, and then activate the device. Many herb grinders have settings that allow you to adjust the fineness of the grind that you use, though with more simplistic herb grinders you can simply use the device for a longer period of time in order to have the herb grinded more finely. Using an herb grinder is much faster than finely chopping herbs and you can easily switch between settings to have herbs ground more finely or coarsely as needed.

Other Benefits of Herb Grinders

People with a custom herb grinder are more likely to use the herb grinder and consume more herbs which provides a significant health benefit. In addition, cleanup is easier as the herbs are confined in a grinder and don’t go all over your kitchen. Further, they allow for the ability to create more diverse dishes and expand your culinary prowess. A lot of people also like to use a herb grinder to grind their weed / marijuana. It’s become very popular and there are custom herb grinders that are especially made to grind marijuana.