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The Most Affordable Luxury Watches

The Most Affordable Luxury Watches


The Cartier’s Tank Solo brand features among the best luxury watches anyone can readily affordable in 2020. The Tank watch brand was developed by Louis Cartier in 1916. The inspiration came from WWI’s tanks, and Louis distinctively designed the unique timepiece with a unique rectangular shape. The watch brand has since its initial creation experienced different modifications, but the current Tank Solo is still faithful to several original design features. and is still loved by many generations, and highly regarded by fashionistas and a good number of watch wearers across the globe. The Cartier Tank Solo has a unique dial that is legible because of the big roman hour and number markers, the blue steel, shaped by like swords hands, as well as the railway pathway index. Some Cartier Tank Solo brads are developed to facilitate the wearer to use whatever leather strap interchangeably. Therefore, Cartier provides a different category of colors ensuring that wearers get the best comfort out of the watch on the wrist, and also enhance ultimate style.


The Tag Heuer’s Carrera brand is among the most luxurious watch brands that should not miss out on this list. The watch brand is named after the famous car racing occasion called Carrera Panamerica organized in Mexico in the 1950s. The chronograph is automatic, and about to become a preference for many people because it is unbelievably durable, and has multiple complications. Setting the right date on Tag Heuer Carrera is easy and painless because it has an angled option that responds rapidly to instructions. Tag Heuer Carrera has some sub-dials that are less complicated for any wearer to read including; a permanent second index, a minute chronograph, and an hour chronograph. The watch brand has a SuperLuminova coating that facilitates watch reading any time of the day, even at night when darkness sets in. The Carrera offers a tachymeter scale for extra functionality on the bezel, plus a 42-hour energy reserve.


Rolex has dominated the luxury watch industry for some time, and the Air-King is regarded as the most affordable option out of many entry standard timepieces. Therefore, the Air-King must be included in the amazing list of the most affordable luxury watch brands. Rolex Air-King first came to life in 1945 in honor of the British Air Force for their unlimited royalty. Therefore, the Air-King joined the larger Air brands collection comprised of Air-Giant and Air-Lion. The Rolex Air-King has dials indicated with massive Arabic numerals at 9, 3, and 6 o’clock, and the other hours are signified by the stick markers. Of all the Air brands, Air-King was the only remaining option, and in 2014, it was briefly discounted., and was later reintroduced in 2016 bearing some modifications to the dial and movement.

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