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Preserve Your Favorite Pair Of Hunting Boots For The Long Haul By Following These Maintenance Suggestions

Preserve Your Favorite Pair Of Hunting Boots For The Long Haul By Following These Maintenance Suggestions

Any experienced hunter knows just how valuable a good pair of hunting boots in in the overall arsenal of equipment that is necessary to ensure an enjoyable and successful hunt. One of the issues that come up with hunting boots is that without appropriate and diligent maintenance, they do not tend to last very long. Many hunters consider it to be good enough if they can get two good seasons out of a pair of hunting boots. Leather boots are the most popular of the options out there and these can be particularly problematic with their tendency to crack and even shrink. Even the non-leather variety of hunting boots will end up taking a great deal of wear and tear from use in the field. The reality is that even though hunting boots take a great deal of wear in the field, they can last a whole lot longer than one or two seasons by keeping a few key points in mind in regard to upkeep. The best thing about this maintenance is that it is all fairly simple and relatively quick. With a little dedication, that beloved pair of trusted hunting boots can last for a number of seasons.


Cleaning Leather Variety Hunting Boots

Leather boots tend to be the go-to choice or many hunters and though they are great for the job that they are needed for, the wear and tear on them can build up quickly. In order to minimize this and maximize the lifespan of leather hunting boots, it is important to remove all of the dried and caked on mud from the last time they were put out in the field. A damp cloth works well to knock off this mud and muck before going to a more detailed clean by using a nylon brush with soft bristles to scrub off the rest. From there, the best practice is to clean the insides of the boots with warm soapy water. It is important to remove the footbeds first before doing this. A toothbrush is a great implement for then scrubbing off the rest of the mud before going to the drying process. Leather boots should be dried in the upside down position and an external heat source should not be used. They should dry on their own and out of the sunlight.


Cleaning Non-Leather Variety Hunting Boots:

With the non-leather variety of hunting boots, cleaning can be done by first removing any caked on and dried on mud. Some hunters choose to use a hose as this is an easy way to accomplish this and minimize the mess. From there, the boots should be rubbed dry and a nylon bristle brush can be used to apply a small amount of baking soda to the hunting boots in order to remove the rest of the dirt.

These are just a few important tips that hunters can make use of in order to properly clean their hunting boots for long term maintenance – basically its all you need to know on how to clean hunting boots. A good pair of hunting boots can become a close companion to a hunter when out in the field and deep into the terrain. Following these steps can go a long way toward ensuring that the maximum lifespan of the boots is achieved.

Now that the boots are clean it’s time to get into the wild 😉