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Physiological treatment of epilepsy using CBD

Physiological treatment of epilepsy using CBD

Physiological treatment of epilepsy using CBD

Epilepsy is a condition which is caused by misfiring in the brain cells. The abnormal electrical discharges in the brain cells lead to body convulsions, and one can lose consciousness. Some of the epileptic patients experience more than one hundred seizures in a day. The primary cause of the epilepsy is hormonal imbalance and viruses. CBD (sometimes also referred to as THC oil) which is the major cannabinoids found in the cannabis offers anticonvulsant and other significant effects to patients with epilepsy. Cannabinoids reduce the epileptic seizures by activating the CB1 receptors of the brain. The CB1 receptors are located in the memory-related part of the brain and the nervous system. Receptor protein in the cannabinoid aids in regulating the spontaneous seizures which result from epilepsy. The cannabinoid receptor protein is generated in the body, and they are responsible for controlling the nervous system and other functions of the body.

How to administer CBD safely when treating epilepsy

The manner in which the CBD interact with every person is unique and complex. CBD can impart anticonvulsant characteristics in most individuals. It is advisable to track and manage the experiences of each person taking CBD especially when the person is using the medicine for the first time. The tracking should also be done when the patient changes the medicine he or she is using. Each method of administering the CBD, for example, ingesting and vaporizing produces its response from the body and the mind. The patient should be enlightened on the expected responses when using CBD to treat epilepsy. The patient should start with a small dosage and work up to a dosage which is best for his or her condition. The biochemistry determines the dosage of CBD which should be administered to the person. The patients should take into considerations the case studies and anecdotal situations available when establishing the expected response from the CBD administration. Strict measures are laid down to avoid the abuse of the medicine by the non-epileptic individuals.

Advantages of using CDB to treat epilepsy

CBD treats seizures efficiently as compared to the prescribed anticonvulsants in the hospitals. The CBD can limit the duration of seizure by activating the CB1 receptor. CBD is suitable in treating the childhood and early adult epileptic seizures. The medicine decreases the both the frequency and intensity of seizures. The compound can reduce the muscle tremors. The alleviation of the nerve damage can also be achieved by administering the CBD. 30% of the patients are resistant to conventional anticonvulsant drugs hence they prefer CBD for the treatment of epilepsy. The conventional anticonvulsant drugs are infective, and they are associated with a lot of side effects. The side effects which result from taking conventional anticonvulsant drugs include liver failure, impotence, headaches and gaining weight. The patients who use CBD to treat epilepsy experience no such side effects. Other functions done by the CBD in treating the epilepsy are a reduction of depression, management of anxiety and calming down the patient.


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