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Make Your Hardwood Sparkle

Make Your Hardwood Sparkle

While carpeting can be warming and give a room a charm all its own, there is something to be said about the sleek look of a hardwood floor. Not only are they easier to keep clean, but they do not hold onto stains.

Your hardwood floors may seem simple to keep clean, but you will want to invest in the best supplies that you can find. Keep reading for the full list of the supplies we recommend for keeping your floors clean and spotless.

  1. Invest in a Good Broom

While the broom is one of the oldest cleaning implements, it has gone through many incarnations and been updated to best clean a floor. Choose a broom that is well-angled and can fit into any crevice or cranny where the dust hides.

Sweeping a floor is often the first thing that you do when cleaning your floors. They are good for both small messes and large ones. Follow it up with the rest of the implements that you need to get a shine on your floor.

  1. Choose a Mop

The mop that you choose will keep your hardwood floors clean, but they come in many different kinds. Choose a string mop or a sleek Swiffer model to take care of any spills. Keep your budget in mind when you are choosing a mop. Microfiber heads are by far the best, but there are other aspects that you should look at.

The construction of a mop is also important. Get a mop with a removable head to make cleaning it easier. An all-in-one model like the Swiffer is good for those who do not want a lot of house cleaning accessories in their home.

  1. Pick a Durable Vacuum

For the bits of debris that escape your broom, a vacuum is an indispensable piece of equipment for keeping your hardwood floors clean. Try to get one that is not too loud. Even if it has a powerful ability to suck up dirt, you do not want it to ruin your life every time you plug it in. You can find the most popular vacuum cleaners at floorcleaningtools.com.

Remember that after a good sweeping, quickly going over your floor with a vacuum is enough to keep it clean. Use a vacuum with enough attachments to get into all the nooks and crannies that you see.

  1. Use Wax to Keep Your Floors Looking Great

Getting the dirt off your floor is usually all you need for it to look good, but if you want to go the extra mile, put on a coat of wax to give it better protection. This will not only make floors shine but can protect them from becoming messier again.