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6 Tips on how to securely shop online and save money

6 Tips on how to securely shop online and save money

Most people like doing their shopping online because it is pretty convenient as you can shop around. Besides, you can find great prices, offers and discounts to enjoy and save money. Another good thing is that your order gets delivered right to your doorstep without leaving your home’s comfort.

With online shopping increasingly becoming popular, there are risks, and more people are trying to scam or steal your card details. So, we have identified a list of 6 tips on how to do online shopping safely and save your money as below.

  1. Ensure you have a secure internet connection

Are you using a computer or any other mobile device that doesn’t have protection from malicious software? If so, your passwords and financial details are susceptible to theft or hacking. Therefore, be sure to switch on your computer’s firewall. Besides, encrypt your wireless network to keep hackers away to safeguard your information. More importantly, avoid using a public network to make financial transactions.

  1. Research the Merchant and know their reputation

There are tons of sellers and websites on the internet, with most of them being legit. But it can be pretty hard to know which online merchant is fraudulent. So, before start shopping from your preferred online store, try to research them on the internet and see if they have any negative reviews or feedback. Your findings will tell you what to do next and save money through sites like https://www.dealexpert.net/.

  1. Avoid incredibly cheap deals

Any e-commerce store that assures too much at a low price is often suspicious. Before rushing for the cheapest offers, determine if the merchant or brand is legit. Also, see if you can receive the items you paid for and any warranty that lets you return the damaged goods. Check for any other information related to the manufacturer or seller to avoid losing money to a false seller.

  1. Check if the website is secure

Before providing your credit card or personal details to your shopping site, check if the website is safe. Make sure the address starts with “https: but not http:” as the small s shows the site is safe and encrypted to keep your credentials safe. Other than that, the address bar should have a padlock symbol next to the website’s address.

  1. Create a unique password

Most legitimate online stores require you to register an account to start placing your orders. In such a case, make your password strong and very unique. Most importantly, expect to give the payment method, telephone number, email address, and shipping method. Don’t use a site that asks for too many details other than the one stated.

  1. Go through the shipment fees

Some online stores charge incredibly high shipping fees, which makes it pretty costly. See if their delivery fees suit your budget and know the means used for delivery. Above all, check the shipping period, which should not be more than 10 days.


With the above tips, you will find online shopping entirely fun, reliable, convenient, and safe. Websites like https://www.dealexpert.net/ let you find the latest deals, coupons, discount codes, and quality product reviews. Therefore, you can be sure to buy through them and save your money.