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Five Most Commonly Requested Plastic Surgery for Men

Five Most Commonly Requested Plastic Surgery for Men

More guys are choosing to go under the knife for cosmetic reasons than it was the case previously. The trend has nullified the commonly held belief that plastic surgery is for women only. The increasing popularity of these five plastic surgery procedures is an indication that men are slowly embracing plastic surgery as the norm.

  1. Rhinoplasty

Proportionality has a lot to do with good looks. If you do not like the shape or appearance of your nose, you can ask a plastic surgeon (look up Best Plastic Surgeon NYC) to carry out a facial analysis. If your nose looks big, probably your surgeon needs to work on the lower face. Sometimes the surgeon might perform a chin augmentation alongside the rhinoplasty. The result is a harmonious facial appearance.

  1. Neck Lift

Do you often find yourself exclaiming, “I can’t stand this turtleneck”? Are you having a hard time buying shirts that go well with ties? Does your face look heavier even though you haven’t gained weight? If you answered yes to the queries, consider a consultation for neck lift surgery. Hanging skin obscures the jawline and can make you look older than your age. A neck lift can help to restore your look and give you a young and energetic image.

  1. Eyelid rejuvenation

Just like women, men also have aging signs around the eyes. The hanging furrowed skin around the eyes makes men appear older than they are. Losing the extra skin at the top of the eyelids and the bulging fat pads under the eyelids will do away with the image of lost vitality and fatigue. Your friends and colleagues will not ask whether you are tired or sleepy anymore. During the plastic surgery procedure, the lower eyelids are revitalized by extracting the excess fat. When the surgery is combined with muscle and skin tightening, you will have a vibrant and fresh appearance.

  1. Gynecomastia surgery

Men who have too much skin and fat on their breasts might portray a feminine look on their chests. It might also affect the shape and size of the nipple-areola complex, which no man desires. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction, also known as VASER liposuction, has shown excellent results. Men of all ages seek this plastic surgery procedure; from teenagers to those in their late fifties.

  1. Liposuction

If you feel like there is too much fat in your abdominal area, consider having liposuction. However, remember that liposuction is only a contouring technique and not a weight loss tool. It is advisable to try weight loss and diet before considering body contouring. If you are still unhappy even after achieving normalized weight or some toning, liposuction is the reasonable addition to enhance your look. The abdominal area may be shaped, or the flanks reduced to offer a sleek frame. It is a safe surgery that one can recover from quickly. Usually, patients return to work in a day or two. Final results show in six weeks to two months.