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Facts About Breast Augmentation/Implants Before Surgery

Facts About Breast Augmentation/Implants Before Surgery

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures done. Once women have had an augmentation, it is most likely that within 10 years they will need more surgery. Implants are not a lasting procedure. Over twenty-five percent of women, end up having scar shell that develops around the implant, leaks or even change their mind as to size. Pregnancy, weight loss and preference are other factors why women need more surgery.


Taking Time Off After Surgery


Most women will need about a week or so after breast implants or reductions. You might not be feeling quite up to par, but you should be able to return to work after a week. Women who choose to have the implant behind the muscle will need a little longer to heal and feel better. Many women choose this option because it makes the breast look more real. It also has a lessor chance to develop a scar shell around the implant.


Size and Feel of Implants


With “sizers,” women can stuff their bra and try out different sizes. The sizer is a sack filled with neoprene beads. Women can not go from a small size to a DD all at once. Sensible goals need to be set for your body shape. Your skin needs to adjust to the changes. Surgeons usually will suggest going up only two sizes to start. If you want them larger in a couple years, you will need to repeat the surgery and recovery. Implants do not feel like real breasts. Women who have larger breast tissues to start with, will not notice the unnatural feel as much as some smaller women do. If the implant is behind the muscle, the implant is harder to distinguish.


Breastfeeding and Loss of Nipple Feeling


Breastfeeding could be affected if you have the areola incision. Breastfeeding may disconnect the areola area from the main portion of the gland or create minor duct damage. This would keep you from being able to breastfeed. Most women do not choose to breastfeed if they have already had implants in place.


After a reduction or augmentation surgical procedure, you may lose feeling in your nipples. It is very common. Some factors that come into play is the surgery type and breast shape. Your nipples will still respond to stimulation and cold, but you may not feel them.


There Are Two Choices of Implants


You may choose either silicone or saline (ref. to Breast Implants NJ). Over half the women who have implants have chosen the silicone ones. Both have good and bad features. The silicone ones feel and look more real. Ruptures are harder to find in them, because of the gel-like consistency. Saline implants, will show a ripple if there is a leak. They are water filled and you will notice the size getting smaller.


Before going through breast implant surgery, ask yourself a few questions. Are you doing this for you, or someone else? How much does your current shape bother you? Do you know all the risks?

You can check youtube to find reviews and tips from women who have had breast augmentation done, like this: