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Is cat insurance necessary for your indoor cat?

Is cat insurance necessary for your indoor cat?

If you have an indoor cat, you may think it is not necessary to have cat insurance or Försäkrakatten to cover any vet costs. After all, indoor cats have far fewer problems than those that spend most of their time outdoors, right?

In fact, having cat insurance for an indoor cat is just as important as having it for its outdoor cousin.


Sedentary cats can make noticing problems more difficult — The problem with many indoor cats is that they are quite sedentary.

This means, because they lie around for most of the day normally, it may take you a lot longer to notice an indoor cat is having problems than it would with an outdoor pet.

By the time you do, the cost of its vet care can have increased far more than if you had been able to take your cat into the vet earlier. Having a cat insurance policy will mean that is not a problem for you.


Indoor cats get sick — While they may not be at as much risk for injury as outdoor cats, indoor cats do still become ill.

They can get diseases like cancer, kidney failure, diabetes, heart disease and cataracts. When they do, your mind will be at ease knowing you do not have to worry about the cost of your cat’s vet care as your cat insurance will cover it.


Cat vet treatment is as expensive as dogs — Even if your cat is a much smaller animal than your dog, your pig, your horse or any other animal you own, the cost of its vet care can be just as expensive.

Many cat owners are shocked when they take their beloved pet to the vet only to discover the problem it is having will cost hundreds or thousands to cure.


Choosing between life or death is not fun — Every year, hundreds of cat owners are put in the position of having to choose between the life of their pet or paying their own bills. In many cases, they simply cannot afford to pay the cat’s bills and the cat then has to be put to sleep.

With cat insurance, however, you will never find yourself in the painful position of having to choose yourself over your cat. A good insurance policy will cover all of its medical care as well as give you peace of mind.


Affordable care — Most studies show when you look at a cat owner with insurance versus one without, the owner with insurance will be able to afford medical bills that are up to five times higher than the person without insurance.

When it comes to the health or your beloved pet, getting cat insurance therefore is not something you should take lightly.