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How does a rice cooker work?

How does a rice cooker work?

Why use a rice cooker in the first place?

Cooking rice on a stove using a pot is quite simple. Place some water in a pot and boil the rice until ready to serve. However, eating a mushy blob resembling porridge, or chewing on crunchy grains can ruin a good meal. Anyone who has ever stepped away from the stove for a couple of minutes too long, or mistakenly cooked rice too little, will understand why investing in a rice cooker can make life easier, and your food tastier.

How a rice cooker works

A rice cooker works by using a thermostat to control the temperature of the pot. That way, just enough of a boil and steam are produced to cook the rice to the desirable level. Just add the amount of rice you want to cook, measure the water, and press the button to start. Once the job is done, the thermostat allows for the temperature to fall and the cooker shuts off.

The differences between cheap and expensive rice cookers

Both cheap and more expensive rice cookers will cook rice. The main difference lies in the ability of the cooker to adjust to environmental conditions and other factors so that you get the best rice under any circumstance. A good analogy to consider: an older, inexpensive car will allow you to travel from point A to point B just as a newer and more pricey model will. However, an automobile with sensors and advanced computing abilities can help you park, or even be self-driving, making all your trips safe and carefree. Similarly, the best rice cooker has the ability to give you perfect rice every time.

A cooker that is warm and “fuzzy”

The differences between basic and more expensive models are primarily focused on something called fuzzy logic. In short, this is a concept in mathematics and computing that allows for a range of truth, as opposed to the usual “true or untrue” question. How does this apply to whether we have a yummy meal or not? A microchip in the rice cooker makes adjustments in cooking time and temperature. So, whether it is hot and humid in your kitchen, or you are in the middle of winter and it’s cold, and no matter what type of rice is used, the cooker makes the necessary adjustments to produce optimal results.

More than just an appliance for rice

Rice cookers have been used for decades in the East. They are useful appliances that can cook more than just rice, and can be helpful for people living in tight living quarters without much space. Choosing the right rice cooker can make sure you have a stress free cooking experience, not only for your rice, but for other items, as well. If you have rice frequently, a more expensive model will make your cooking all the more hassle-free.

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