Home Household One Normanton Park: a Balance of Urban and Nature

One Normanton Park: a Balance of Urban and Nature

One Normanton Park: a Balance of Urban and Nature

A new development named One Normanton Park is set to become a residential paradise. The inspiration came from the meandering Amazon River. This new mega-development is set to become a lush garden home in Singapore. The unique design is set to balance a live, work, and play lifestyle. Built atop the Kent Ridge park, the development has a majestic skyline of nine majestic tower rises. Landscaped grounds surround the new community and incorporate a plethora of amenities. Two key benefits available to residents are the amenities and location.


Residential Amenities


One Normanton Park is like a year-round getaway for residents with resort-like facilities. With countless pavilions and lawns throughout the community. Staying active is easy. walking trails, gyms, tennis courts, basketball courts outdoor trampoline, and playgrounds are available. Swimmers can rejoice in one of the many pools, aqua gym, or therapy pool. Mobility flexibility was also included as residents can use the two bus stops. The development is also home to eight boutique commercial spaces and restaurant spaces. Parking is widely available with 1862 car-park spaces. With 24-hour security, residents can be at ease. Pricing start as low as $800,000. All household sizes will find the perfect home size. Apartment floorplans ranging from one to five bedrooms. Terrance homes are also available. Expected to open in June of 2023 time is running out as homes continue to sell.


Superior Location


Strategically located, One Normanton Park is close to the city center. A short distance away is the thriving business district of Jurong Regional Center. Containing a unique collection of shopping malls and other forms of commercial activities. A stone’s throw away is the One-North innovation district. Which is a flourishing high-tech hub. Which is home to biomedical science, informational technology, and medical industries. Often touted as Singapore’s Silicon Valley. it is projected to become the future driver behind the knowledge-based economy. Also located nearby is The Singapore Science Park. A major site for research and development in Asia. The location has more to offer than employment opportunities. Kent Ridge Park gives residents a natural panoramic view. Included is a balance of the breathtaking greenery mixed with the urban city skyline. Views of the southern islands are also provided. Residents of One Normanton Park will enjoy the possibilities for future development.


All-Inclusive Development Design


With the wide variety of amenities for residents, the relaxation opportunities are endless. Residents will no doubt be able to enjoy their new home far greater (check out this Normanton Park showflat). Being strategically located to allow residents easy travels to employment opportunities. As well as sizeable shopping opportunities from the surrounding commercial districts. The vision behind One Normanton Park is to create an all-inclusive design. One in which to support a superior live work and play lifestyle.